Changing the way we learn.

Infoment Social Learning Platform

Infoment is a social media platform based on personal development and learning. Personal development enables you to develop your skills and knowledge, boost your confidence and improve your self-awareness. Nowadays these aspects of life are gravely overlooked. By creating a worldwide community based social media app focused on self-development, personal growth and education, we create a place where people come to find and share useful and relevant information, get inspired and motivate each other.


The Vision Invest in yourself

Nowadays people get depressed and anxious with the usage of social media. Also, personal development platforms don’t provide users with all the right tools or community-based environments. We focus on positivity and mental health. We are aiming to create a place where people feel motivated, learn new things and feel great while doing that.

Background Infoment's mission

Infoment is changing the way we learn. By aiding and improving ‘suboptimal education’ and current learning methods and providing a platform that creates value for all parties involved, we can make sure everyone can grow and improve to live the life they have always dreamt of.

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